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    • Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine For Plastic Bottle

      Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine For Plastic Bottle

      Brief description 1. The material of the bottle may be PE, PP, PET, PS, ABS, glass, etc. Cannot be used for the sealing of metal bottles. 2. SUS304 stainless steel construction for using in harsh environment and easy for clean and maintenance 3. Stable and efficient sealing, self-contained gear...

    • Lab Homogenizer

      Lab Homogenizer

      Ø Germany imported high-speed motor, long life design, can run stably for a long time more than 4 hours continuously Ø infinitely adjustable-speed system: a speed of up to 28000 RPM, 27 m/s shear velocity Ø machine reasonable structure design, material selection and use of portable, handheld...