Bottle Cap Tightener Capping Machine

Bottle Cap Tightener Capping Machine

It is widely used in food, medicine, cosmetic and daily chemicals industries, it can improve the working productivity with high efficiency and reliable performance.

Product Details

Bottle Cap Tightener Capping Machine for triggers is suitable for capping various spray pump caps,plastic screw caps,trigger caps.


Technical parameter

Working speed15-20 bottles/min
Cap diameter20~55mm
Bottle height30~330mm
Machine dimension60*45*60cm
Machine weight35KG

PERFORMANCE AND FEATURES of Bottle Cap Tightener Capping Machine

1. The design  is more stable to hold the capping head.

2. The material of bottle cap tightener capping machine is stainless steel and aluminum alloy,which make the machine to be more durable.

3. This product is more suitable for laboratory use and is an ideal equipment for small batches and experimental sealing work. This machine is mainly suitable for various round bottles and is an ideal packaging equipment for medicine, health care products, chemicals, cosmetics, etc. Small round bottle.


Handwheel for adjusting bottle height

Height adjuster, handwheel adjustment is convenient and quick.


High power motor


Operation controller

Multi-function control panel, integrated, simple and clear.

whole set semi automatic capping machine


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