Capping Machine For Glass Bottles

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The introduction of capping machine for glass bottles

This capping machine for glass bottles is used for automatic capping of plastic bottles and glass bottles in cosmetics, food and beverage, pesticide and fertilizer, chemical industry,Can be applied to a variety of bottle types, high production efficiency.

Technical specification of capping machine for glass bottles

TypeScrew type
ApplicationLiquid soap, food, cosmetics, medicals etc.
Bottles& cap applicationVarious round or square bottles, suitable for screw cap, pump head etc.
Capping speed20-50 bpm
Conveyor belt speedFrequency converter adjustment (connected with filling machine in line)

Features of capping machine for glass bottles

  1. The working height is adjustable according to the bottle height by rotating this knob.This makes sure this machine can be used for as many as possible caps.

  2. Intelligent operation panel and is with English version,can control working time and set working mode.

  3. Emergency Stop Button: With Stop button,can protect the machine from damage and keep the operator safe during working.

  4. Conveyor: the suitable transfer speed is set previously,but customer can adjust it if they need to do this.

  5. Screw: this screw can be used for loosing or tightening the capping chuck as customers'need.

  6. Bottle Electric EyeCan: detect the bottle once you the bottle pass through,save a lot of time and help you improve working efficiency.The sensitivity of the electric eye can be adjusted.

Video of capping machine for glass bottles

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