Cosmetic Oil Bottle Capping Machine

Cosmetic Oil Bottle Capping Machine

Controlled by electrical power,good stability,and solve the problem that it is difficult to lock nozzle,pump head,spray fog pumps,hand-button caps.It equipped with positioning devices,Capping standard,easy to operate,wide range of different shapes and sizes can be caps lock,it can lock different specification caps,speed and tightness adjustable.
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Product Details

Cosmetic Oil Bottle Capping Machine for nail polish is widely apply to pharmaceutical, chemical, food, beverage, grease and pesticide industry. Favorable price, save space and easy operation. suitable for different size of caps and bottles, Cosmetic Oil Bottle Capping Machineis suitable for different kinds of bottle caps like spray bottles,smoking oil bottle caps.The suitable cap size is 20-60mm.It widens the application range,this greater than other capping machine.


Technical parameter


Screw type (Table-top)


Beverage, Daily-chemical, Cosmetics, Food, Medical etc

Bottle & cap application

Various bottles or jars with screw cap, pump head etc.

Capping speed

10-30 bottles/min

Max. bottle height


Cap diameter




Air pressure



380 x 600 x 700mm

Performance and features of Cosmetic Oil Bottle Capping Machine

1. It is controlled by electric, stability operation.

 2. It is equipped with capping positioning device, standard cap locking and easy operation. 

3. Choose rotary cap head according to the size of cap.

4. djust the positioning block to move the bottle cap to the center of the rotating cap.

height adjustment wheel

Height adjustment

Height adjuster, turntable adjustment is convenient and quick.



Dual motors ensure more powerful power output operation.

foot switch

Foot switch

With quick plug, it can replace the electric eye to control the capping head movement when using manual function

whole set capping machine

Aluminum alloy creates a beautiful appearance

Made of aluminum alloy, it has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and can be used in harsh environments.


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