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The introduction of glass bottle capping machine

The glass bottle capping machine is a kind of clamping type cap closing machine. It is suitable for cap closing of spray type caps. The glass bottle capping machine uses the clamp to close the cap and fasten it on the edge of bottle mouth. The whole machine is composed of machine body, table surface, clamping device and pneumatic control system.

Technical parameter of glass bottle capping machine

Working pressure


Bottle diameter

10 to 20 mm (can be customized)


 20-30 pcs/min


300 * 250 * 700 mm



The features of glass bottle capping machine

1. Put the bottle into the rolling head, up and down gently press the handle, pressure to the rolling head to tighten up, (do not have too hard) to relax the handle, that is, to restore the original position. With three fingers to check the bottle can not be loose.
2, such as the first rolling cover is not tight or not smooth, you can adjust the rolling head, clockwise rotation for the loose, counterclockwise tight for tight.

3. perfume card table can be adjusted for a variety of perfume bottle type.
4. stability is very high, no electricity, pure manual operation, no complicated process, the basic maintenance-free trouble.
5. high production efficiency, an average of 1-3 seconds to complete a work process, simple operation, easy maintenance, the whole light.
6. design aesthetic, brief introduction generous, machine less than 8kg.

7. Beautiful appearance and compact structure.

8. Even cap closing with good sealing performance.

9. Accurate cap positioning without abrasion on the surface.

10. Pneumatic control is adopted. Convenient operation and maintenance.

Video of glass bottle capping machine

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