Duck-billed Cover Capping Machine

Duck-billed Cover Capping Machine

Automatic straight line type capping machine is reference to the international advanced machine design, fast swing speed, ease of operation,high pass rate.It can be applied to the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, pesticide, cosmetic and other industries of different bottle shaped cap. Four sets of speed regulating motor are respectively used for cap, clamp bottle, transfer, capping,it has high degree of automation,good stability and convenient adjustment.Replacing the bottle or cap no need spare parts,just make adjustments(Such as with the cover machine, can be carried out automatically on the cover)Can be selected according to the actual needs.
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Product Details

Duck-billed cover capping machine features electrical control movement and strong stability. With positioning devices, the standard capping is easy to operate, and duck-billed cover capping machine is suitable for caps of different shapes and sizes.


Technical parameter


Screw type


Liquid soap, Food, Cosmetics, Medicals etc.

Bottle & cap application

Various round or square bottles, suitable for screw cap, pump head etc.

Capping speed

20-50 bpm

Conveyor belt speed

Frequency converter adjustment  (Connected with filling machine in line)



Dimensions ( L x W x H)

680 x 700 x 1650mm

Performance and features of Duck-billed cover capping machine

1. Duck-billed cover capping machine is mainly composed of bottle and feeding mechanism,clamp bottle conveying mechanism, cap sorting mechanism, and electronic control system. conveying mechanism,rubbed cap reasonable design. compact truture, eay operation High degree of automation,

2.The stainless machine frame, components and shell are mainly made of high qulity steel, beatiful appearance, easy to Clean, and meet the GMP requirements;

3.Adopting four-wheel clamping rotation, the structure is simple and reasonable, the performance is stable and reliable, and the working fficiency is high. The twist-type screw cap technology effectively solves the drawbacks of the traditional capping machine such as cap skidding, broken, etc.

operation panel

Operation panel

Intelligent operation panel, English version, can control working time and set working mode.



The appropriate transmission speed is preset, but the customer can adjust it as needed.

capping chuck

Capping chuck

Suitable for all kinds of bottle caps. The capping time and pressing time can be adjusted through the operation panel.

whole set capping machine


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