Perfume Bottle Capping Machine

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The perfume bottle capping machine adopts pneumatic energy, which has very stable performance. Equiped with positioning device, the perfume bottle capping machine is with high capping accuracy, can fullfill different sizes and different shapes of bottle lids capping. The rotate speed and the degree of tighten is adjustable according to the bottle lids.


Technical parameter of perfume bottle capping machine

NamePerfume bottle capping machine
Capping diameter16-55mm
Capping speed20-50 bot/min

The features of perfume bottle capping machine

1.The perfume bottle capping machine has positioning device, easy operation. 

2.It is with wide capping range  and can be used for various caps in different shapes.

3.Capping speed and torsion can be adjusted  according to your request.

4..This perfume bottle capping machine features pneumatic control movement and strong stability. With positioning devices, the standard capping is easy to operate and it is suitable for capping different shapes and sizes bottles.

5.Perfume bottle capping machine is modeling beautiful, simple adjustment, stable sealing quality, low cost, convenient use, low voltage, safe and reliable.

Operation Precautions:

1. Before using, add pneumatic gas oil or equivalent oil on the gas source processor.

2. To adjust the capping head according to the bottle height.

3. To adjust the cap size, according to the bottle cap, two sides adjust at the same time.

4. To adjust the position withstand, let the bottle mouth under the center of the capping head.

5. To adjust the Torque regulator meet capping strength.

6. Switch on the power, open the hand sliding switch for gas.

7. Control valve operation, first to pull up the adjustment switch can adjust the air pressure.

4 capping heads: pneumatic control , can lock the bottle cap of different shape specification. 

capping head

Double motor  Voltage: AC220V/50Hz

double motor

Control panel: It can achieve the automatic or semi-automatic mode. The speed and torsion can be adjusted.


The whole equipment

round bottle capping machine


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