Semi-automatic Capping Machine

Semi-automatic Capping Machine

This semi automatic capping machine is controlled by air compressor, pneumatic capping can be controlled by foot pedal manually.This machine can be used for small essential oil bottles ,also can be used for duck pump caps.The rollers is colloidal silica,so it can be changed.This machines also provide some tools freely.

Product Details

Semi-automatic Capping Machine is Applicable for various types of bottles or jars with screw caps, pump head etc, widely used in cosmetics, daily chemicals, food, pharmaceutical industries.


Technical parameter


Screw type (Table-top)


Beverage, Daily-chemical, Cosmetics, Food, Medical etc

Bottle & cap application

Various bottles or jars with screw cap, pump head etc.

Capping speed

10-30 bottles/min

Max. bottle height


Cap diameter




Air pressure



380 x 600 x 700mm

Performance and features of Semi-automatic Capping Machine

1. To adjust the capping head according to the bottle height.

2. To adjust the cap size, according to the bottle cap, two sides adjust at the same time.

3. To adjust the position withstand, let the bottle mouth under the center of the capping head.

4. To adjust the Torque regulator meet capping strength.

5. Switch on the power, open the hand sliding switch for gas.

6. Control valve operation, first to pull up the adjustment switch can adjust the air pressure. 

7. Manual operation, to connect the food stamp switch under the electric box. Note: To be sure the manual/ automatic button on the red light position.

control panel

The switch of torsion force adjustment

Scales show control capping torque according to the actual situation prevent injury cover unscrewed.

adjustment wheel

Adjustment device

Hand wheel adjusts the height to suit different heights

Bottle (can be customized). After adjustment, it can be fixed in a specific position to work smoothly


Double motor

Double motor design, the operator can adjust the speed when stamping.

whole set semi automatic capping machine


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