Semi-automatic Plastic Bottle Capping Machine

The Semi-automatic Plastic Bottle Capping Machine is widely used in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, daily chemical care, food industries etc. It is suitable for different bottles. It is with high quality, good performance, strong stability, favorable price.
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Product Details

The features of semi-automatic plastic bottle capping machine

1.Series twist off cap capping machines are specially made for bottles/jars/cans/bucketsdrums screw cap capping, twist off torquing, Plastc bottle and glass bottle are applicable.

2.The capping machine can be combined with bottle unscrambler machine, filling machine,labeling machine,ink coding machine and packaging as a whole production line,each machine can be added a an option and combine freely.

3.It includes two control ways, semi-automatic and automation. If it is under the semi-automatic condition, please touch the foot pedal to control the starting. It is no need to touch foot pedal during the auto condition.

4.All the machines are made of good quality stainless steel and alloy aluminum. 

5.Capping torque can be adjusted easily by magnetic clutch. We use quick and fast joints for building the machines which is easy for dismentling the machines and maintenance,and convenient for cleaning.

6.The machines are with automatic system, no cap not capping, it is safety for operations.

7.By adjusting few parts, the capping machine are applicable for different sizes bottles and caps, and it is easy to adjust since its reasonable structure.

8.We use high quality silical gel in the capping heads which is good for protecting the caps while torquing, no damage to the caps with good appearance, and it is endurance for the silical gel.

Technical parameter


Detailed pictures

01control panel

It can achieve the automatic or semi-automatic mode. The speed and torsion can be adjusted.


               4 capping heads

Pneumatic control , can lock the bottle cap of different shape specification. 

10Double motor

              Voltage: AC220V/50Hz 

 Capping speed: 20-50bottles/min




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