Semi-automatic Plastic Bottle Capping Machine

The Semi-automatic Plastic Bottle Capping Machine is
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 Semi-automatic Plastic Bottle Screw Cap Capping Machine


The features of plastic bottle capping machine

This capping machine is widely apply to  pharmaceutical, chemical, food, beverage, grease and pesticide industry. Favorable price, save space and easy operation. suitable for different size of caps and bottles, screw power and rotation speed of screw capping machine is adjustable.

1.Electrical control movement,stability.

2.Lock over wide range of different shapes sizes lockable caps.

3.A positioning device,capping standard,easy to operate.

4.Capping Speed Adjustable.

5.Solve the nozzle,pump head,spray pumps,hand gun spin button cover difficult problem.

6.It can be choosen the semi-automatic or automatic according to your requirements. If is it under the semi-automatic condition, please  touch the foot pedal. And it is no need to  touch foot pedal under automatic condition.

Technical parameter


Detailed pictures

01control panel

It can achieve the automatic or semi-automatic mode. The speed and torsion can be adjusted.


               4 capping heads

Pneumatic control , can lock the bottle cap of different shape specification. 

10Double motor

              Voltage: AC220V/50Hz 

 Capping speed: 20-50bottles/min






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