Spray Cap Capping Machine

Spray Cap Capping Machine

this automatic spray bottle capping machine is suitable for a variety of materials, a variety of geometric shapes of containers, such as plastic bottles, glass bottles, metal bottles, etc; when you need to change the bottle or cover, you only need to adjust the position of individual parts, no need to replace any accessories in the rotation There is no bottle and no cover under the cover process. The speed of the cover, conveyor, capping machine and pinch belt can be separately frequency-controlled and adjusted to meet the specifications of the caps within the specified range. (Attached: special specifications can be customized). This automatic spray bottle capping machine complies with GMP standards.
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spray cap capping machine


1.The trigger sprayer bottle capping machine is specially designed for trigger sprayer cap bottle, perfume bottle, pump cap bottle in cosmetic chemical and pharmacy industry.

2.It has one head and two head model, designed according to your bottle and cap sample with different capacity available.

3.Semi-automatic one is pick and place triger sprayer by hand, automatic model is picking and placing by machine.

4.Tightening torque can be adjusted with special designed mechanical structure.

5.Machine is made of full stainless steel, look beautiful and meet GMP standard.

6.CE ISO certificate.

7.Machine will be warranty for 1 whole year after you get the machine

at your factory, after sales service will be offered forever.

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