Facial mask packing machine

Product Details

This facial mask packing machine is made of high quality stainless steel. It is suitable for filling and packing various sizes of facial bags. Facial mask packing machine is with auto bag open, auto filling, auto sealing functions. The whole machine is with good performance, high quality, long service life features.

Technical parameter of  facial mask packing machine

NameFacial mask filling machine
Capacity3500-4500 pcs/h
Working voltage380V
Working pressure0.6-0.8 Mpa
Sealing temperature120-200℃, adjustable
Bag open waySucker automatic open
Facial mask size W:90-160mm  H:130-180mm

Features for facial mask packing machine

1.  Automatically packing, no need to manual operation.
2.  Material contact parts adopt high quality stainless steel manufacturing, meets the GMP standard.
3.  Intelligent detection, bag filling sealing, no bag, no filling, no sealing.

4. According to customer different way of packing, liquid injection quantity can be customized.

Automatically bag open, can be customized 4, 6 filling heads.

auto bag open

Filling and sealing: automatically filling and automatically sealing, no bag, no filling, no sealing.

filling and sealing

Finished product, the face mask will be delivered by conveyor belt after filling and sealing process.

finished product

Conveyor belt

conveyor belt


application for mask filling sealing machine


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