Filling And Sealing Machine

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Introduction of filling and sealing machine

The filling and sealing machine is used for filling all kinds of fluid materials into the soft tubes, sealing and cutting the end of the tubes, and pressing date or series numbers on the end. It is widely used in daily chemical, pharmaceutics, food and chemical industries. This filling and sealing machine combines the requirements of GMP to optimize the design of high-tech equipment. The utility model has the advantages of reasonable structure, uniform functions, convenient operation, accurate loading, stable operation and low noise.

Technical parameter of filling and sealing machine

Power supply

380(220)v /50HZ

Air supply 


Air consume 


Filling quanity 

5-50ml 50-100ml 100-400ml 

Dosage precision

≤±5% ≤±3% ≤±2%





Features of filling and sealing machine

1. This filling and sealing machine adopts the high-quality stainless steel material to make of contacting the material.

2.Data printing function.

3.No tube no filling and sealing.

4.The filling nozzles in different specifications are provided for materials in different thickness.

5. It is a kind of PLC program-control machine that is universal and multifunctional.

6.The sealed end is firm and good-looking

Video of filling and sealing machine


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