tube filling and sealing machine

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Introduction of tube filling and sealing machine

The tube filling and sealing machine is mainly used in a transmission principle. Dividing mechanism drive with a fixture of the rotary table is used as the intermittent movement, complete interior, and exterior heating, automatic filling and sealing, pressure, trimming, finished product exit and a series of functions. The filling accurate is measurement, stable heating time, adjustable, sealing beautiful, neat appearance, strong and sanitation.Trimming is flat and level.  The tube filling and sealing machine is working stable and reliable, with no noise and other pollution.

Technical parameter of tube filling and sealing machine



Tube Material

Plastic tube, Laminated tube,Aluminum Composite Tube

Tube Diameter


Tube Length

30-250mm (customizable)

Filling Volume

10-250ml/piece (Adjustable)

Filling Accuracy


Product Capacity (Pcs/min)


Air Supply


Motor Power

4kw (380V/220V 50Hz)

Heat Sealing Power


Overall Dimension(mm)

2807*1240*1900mm (L*W*H)

Machine Weight (kg)


Features of tube filling and sealing machine

1.It adopts Ultrasonic sealing machine , good for difference products, Such as food, medical, cosmetic products.  It will not hurting the products.

2.With tube end trimming 

3.Adjustable tube length

4.the filling pump is adjustable .

5. it is made of high - quality stainless steel su/s304

6.the hopper is usually 20L , but can be customized , here is different type of hopper for your different materials .

7. sealing and date printing 

8 tube tail cutting and triming 

Video of tube filling and sealing machine


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