Automatic ketchup Filling Machine

The automatic filling machine is factory-made based on advanced technology. These machines guarantee the clients of ultra modern procedures and methods that subsequently help them to upgrade their production efficiency and save energy. Tough, highly efficient and upkeep free, these machines are accomplished...
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Product Details

The introduction of Automatic ketchup Filling Machine

The surface is polished, beautiful, generous, pollution-free, in line with GMP standard requirements.

Can be widely used in food, daily chemicals, pesticides, medicine and other fields of non-viscosity, low viscosity filling products.

This machine is widely used in bottle type, easy to operate and change bottle type, and has many advantages such as no bottle filling, filling quantity counting, etc.

The video of Automatic ketchup Filling Machine

The technical specification of Automatic ketchup Filling Machine

Filling speed120 b/m, less than 500ml
Filling Precision±1%
Pressure6-7 kg/cm2

 Features and Pictures:                         

Automatic liquid Filling Machine

Filling head 

The filling head and filling valve are made of SUS304 stainless steel, which has excellent properties such as rust resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance and greatly improves the service life of the machine.

Piston cylinder

Piston cylinder

Touch screen and PLC control

Touch screen and PLC control

The human-computer interaction touch screen adopts Siemens full-color touch screen, which is combined with the self-developed filling control system.

no bottle no filling function


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