Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

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Introduction of automatic liquid filling machine

This  automatic liquid filling machine mainly used for honey, jam, ketchup filling , bottle of different shapes and sizes can be customized, suitable for all kinds of sizes and shapes.The automatic liquid filling machine are driven by servo motor, more accuracy and more stable than cylinder driven, easy to adjust. Adopting German FESTO, Taiwan AirTac pneumatic components and Taiwan's electrical control parts, the performance is stable.

Technical parameter of automatic liquid filling machine


4, 6, 8,10 nozzles (can be customized)

Operation method

PLC touch screen control ( SIEMENS )


SUS316L Stainless steel

Filling nozzle

6 nozzles(can be customized)

Filling volume

100-5000ml(can be customized)

Filling speed

30-40 bottles/min

Filling accuracy


Air supply



220V, 50Hz

Features of automatic liquid filling machine

1. The flow control devices of each filling nozzle are independent of each other, precision adjustment is very convenient.

2. The material of the machine material contact part can use the food grade material according to the products feature, in line with the GMP standard.

3. With regular filling, no bottle no filling, filling quantity/production counting function etc features.

4. Convenient maintenance,no need any special tools.

5. Using drip tight filling head,no leaking.

6. The entire structure of filling machine components are stainless steel material.

7. Photoelectric counting, bottle mouth localizer, SIEMENS PLC touch screen control, no bottle no filling safety device.

8. Driven by servo motors, flexibly Adjustable filling speed, precise filling volume within ±0.5%.

9. Adopts electric components of world-famous brands such as Schneider Electrics, Omron photoelectric and Germany SIEMENS PLC touch screen are equipped to ensure its excellent quality and stable performance.

Video of automatic liquid filling machine


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