Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

Working principle: This automatic filling and sealing production line is composed of filling, lower cover, lock cover, conveying and other devices, with beautiful appearance, high filling accuracy, convenient and easy to operate, filling and sealing positioning accurate without error, etc. The...

Product Details

Automatic Liquid Filling Machine is Applicable to containers of most common shapes and sizes in the food & beverage, chemicals and cosmetics industries, Automatic Liquid Filling Machine has servo driven piston technology at each filling station, therefore it significantly lowers utilities consumption and reduces costs while boosting portioning accuracy levels.

It is easily adjusted to fill various volumes with high range of viscosities

Main SystemPerformance, features, configuration description
Parameters1. Heads:4-18heads
2. Suitable bottles: customization
3. Capacity(bottle/hour):5000ml:≤1200BPH
4. Precise:5000ML:≤±5ML
5. Size of Machine(mm):2200×1500×2300mm
6. Power(kW):3.5kw
7. Power source:220/380V, 50/60HZ

Major Characteristics
This machine is mainly applied in oil realm ,agrochemical and pharmaceuticals industries . It is especially designed for high
viscosity liquid . Easily controlled by computer (PLC), touch screen control panel . It is characterized by its totally close from
,submerged filling ,high measurement accuracy , compact and perfect feature ,liquid cylinder and conduits disassemble and clean .
It may also suited various figure containers . We utilize high-quality stainless steel frames , international famous brand
electrical components , the machine is applied to GMP standard requirement

Working principle of Automatic Liquid Filling Machine:

The whole machine is made of stainless steel, in line with GMP standard, suitable for cold and hot filling, used for food oil, sauce, juice, syrup, dairy products, laundry detergent, detergent, lubricating oil and other paste and high viscosity liquid products filling and sealing.

The filling nozzles can be set above the bottle mouth, within the neck of the bottle or fill from the bottom of the container and rise in sync with the liquid level to. eliminate bubbling of foamy liquids. The fill volume is easily adjusted through the  touchscreen, and memory slots allow the operator to store individual filling parameters.

Automatic liquid Filling Machine

Filling head 

Piston cylinder

Piston cylinder

Touch screen and PLC control

Touch screen and PLC control

no bottle no filling function


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