liquid soap lotion bottle filling machine

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The liquid soap bottle filling machine is suitable for filling liquid, cream, paste, lotion, shampoo products etc. There are two modes, semi auto or auto control. When it is under semi auto mode,  touch the foot pedal one time and will fill one time. During it is under automatic situation, it fills continuously automatically with set speed.


Technical parameter of liquid soap lotion bottle filling machine

Filling volume

Filling speed

Air supply

Filling accuracy


0-45 bot/min




0-35 bot/min


0-30 bot/min


0-30 bot/min


0-25 bot/min


0-25 bot/min


0-25 bot/min


The features of liquid soap lotion bottle filling machine

1 The liquid soap lotion bottle filling machine is with unique machine design, simple structure, working conditions at any time any of change, the whole for the whole stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, strong adaptability is more variety and more standard, low volume production the best choice models, no drip. It is widely used in pesticides, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, oil,

beverages, soy sauce, cooking oil products etc.

2. During filling ,cylinder moves up and down and drive end ring ,when cylinder is downwards ,endring is downwards then valve is open and start to fill material ;when cylinder is upwards end ring is upwards then valve is close and stop to fill matereal and avoid leaking and wire drawing.



Filling nozzle

single filling nozzle

Shake the hand wheel to adjust the filling volume

filling volume adjustment

Foot peadal

foot padel

Movable with wheels



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