semi auto hand gel filler machine

Product Details

This semi auto hand gel filler machine adopts pneumatic components to replace electrical control circuit, so it is quite suitable for the use in the request of anti-explosion environment.

Technical parameter


air consumption

filling speed


5-60 ml

19 L/min

0-30 bot/min

110/220V 50HZ

(can be customized)

10-120 ml

15 L/min

0-30 bot/min

25-250 ml

30 L/min

0-30 bot/min

50-500 ml

45 L/min

0-30 bot/min

100-1000 ml

120 L/min

0-30 bot/min

250-2500 ml

250 L/min

0-30 bot/min

500-5000 ml

428 L/min

0-30 bot/min

Filling head can be customized one or two

Performance and features

1. Adjustable filling speed, applicable for various bottles, jars or tubes.

2. Compact and reasonable structure, modern design and beautiful appearance

3. This semi auto hand gel filler machine can be installed with a sucking tube or a hopper.

4. The semi auto hand gel filler machine can set manual and automatic of switch function; when machine is under automatic condition, the machine can fills continuously automatically with set speed, when machine is under manual condition, operator steps on footplate to realize filling.


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