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Introduction of dishwashing filling machine

The dishwashing filling machine filling machine is suitable for beverage, juice, oil, liquid condiment, cosmetic hair care products, detergent, lubricating oil, pesticide and other fluid material quantitative filling, not restricted by the bottle type.
The dishwashing filling machine is a new machine designed by our company on the basis of the characteristics of several famous brand filling machines at home and abroad, combined with the experience of the company's years of production filling and the needs of the customers. The equipment can draw lessons from the good performance of high quality filling equipment at home and abroad. The filling is fast and slow, no spillover, no drip filling finished, and the device has the characteristics of compact structure, simple operation and high degree of automation. It is really easy to adjust, no bottle and no filling, and the quantity of filling is accurate.

Technical specification of dishwashing filling machine



Operation method

PLC touch screen control


SUS304 Stainless steel

Filling nozzle

4 nozzles

Filling volume


Filling speed

20-30 bottles/min

Filling accuracy


Air supply



220V, 50Hz

Features of dishwashing filling machine

1. The dishwashing filling machine is composed of variable frequency motor, PLC and touch screen, solenoid valve, material cylinder, actuator and other combination through control setting, which can be easily adjusted, easy to operate and accurate in measurement.

2. The container positioning system is completed by cylinder. The customer can adjust itself according to the containers of different specifications and shapes, the method is simple and the positioning is accurate.
3. The anti dripping system adopts cylinder control. When the filling nozzle is blocked, the recycle device for the leakage slot is adopted to further overcome the leakage phenomenon.
4, some filling materials are easily filled with bubbles. We design the filling nozzle into the outer plug to solve the bubble problem, and use the "PLC" program to control the function of the whole filling edge filling edge, so that the filling measurement is more accurate.

Controlling system

Full-auto PLC + human-computer touch screen control system

Bottle position correct device

A special bottles position device is added to make the whole filling process smooth and stable

Filling nozzles

With the function of anti-drop and anti-drawing

Piston pump

Suitable for all kinds of material with high filling speed and filling precision, for filling corrosive, the position pump will be made by cilicon rubber, Teflon, ceramics and other corrosion resistance materials


The pump uses quick-fit removal structure: easy cleaning and desinfection.


It's optional for customers, it's dust proof, can protect the products being polluted when filling

Video of dishwashing filling machine


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