Automatic liquid shampoo detergent filling machine

The automatic liquid shampoo detergent filling machine is suitable for filling good liquidity products, such as water, oil, beverage, juice, drink, oil, shampoo, perfume etc, widely applied to food, commodity, cosmetic, medicine, agriculture etc, it is an ideal quantitative liquid filling equipment for small and medium-sized enterprises.
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Product Details

Automatic liquid shampoo detergent filling machine, simple and reasonable in design, highly accurate and easily operated, is a product upgraded and innovated by introducing foreign advanced filling machine technology. 


Technical parameter

Filling head

2,4,6,8, 10, 12, 16 filling heads

Filling volume

1000ml-5000ml(can be customized)

Filling speed


Power supply

380V 50/60HZ

Power supply


Air pressure


Performance and features 

1. The automatic liquid shampoo detergent filling machine adopts piston pump filling, which is suitable for various materials with high precision. The structure of the pump adopts a quick disassembly mechanism for easy cleaning and disinfection.

2. The automatic liquid shampoo detergent filling machine will stop filling without bottles and automatically calculate the number of bottles.

3. The filling head adopts a rotary valve piston pump, which has anti-suction and anti-drip functions.

4. The whole machine is suitable for bottles of different sizes, easy to adjust and can be completed in a short time.

5. Servo motor control, with submersible filling, to avoid nozzle and foaming problems.

touch screen control

PLC touch screen control system

The machine adopts fully automatic PLC touch screen control system. For different volume adjustments, we have set up several programs, "Mode 1, Mode 2, Mode 3, Mode 4 ".The operator does not need too many complicated adjustments, the filling machine can easily be between these three models Switch.

filling nozzles

There are many nozzles to choose from and different filling volume can be customized.


Taking into account the different viscosities of the materials, it is specially equipped with a drip-proof plug-and-play diving ascent and descent system. In order to fill the aiming bottle, a bayonet device is designed horizontally to ensure accurate positioning.

filling machine


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