Honey Sauce Filling Machine

Straight automatic thick sauce filling machine Equipment overview: This machine is a new generation of automatic filling machine which is developed by our company with many years of production experience and the introduction and absorption of the world's advanced technology. It USES a piston...
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Honey Sauce Filling Machine

Honey Sauce Filling Machine is widely used in all kinds of semi - fluid, paste, paste, paste and a variety of materials containing granule filling.Such as pulp drinks, honey, syrup jam, peanut butter, tahini sauce, ketchup, pepper sauce and all kinds of paste filling.Honey Sauce Filling Machine is a new generation of automatic filling machine which is developed by our company with many years of production experience and the introduction and absorption of the world's advanced technology.Honey Sauce Filling Machine USES a piston metering, integrating mechanical and electrical, pneumatic, electrical and pneumatic components to choose the world famous brand, controlled by PLC with man-machine interface (touch screen), can according to need to give the material barrel equipped with mixing mechanism, filling with outer garment made resistant to high temperature of 70-95 - C, filling, etc., in order to meet the different needs of customers, novel design, compact structure, beautiful appearance.It has the characteristics of accurate measurement, stable and reliable performance, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

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Operation method

PLC touch screen control  ( SIEMENS )


SUS304 Stainless steel

Filling nozzle

4 nozzles

Filling volume


Filling speed

20-50 bottles/min

Filling accuracy


Air supply



220V, 50Hz (can be customized)


1560 x 1200 x 2150 mm

Equipment overview of Honey Sauce Filling Machine:

Main performance characteristics of the equipment and use of materials:

Ø this machine mainly USES the high quality stainless steel manufacturing, the parts contacted with material for 304 # stainless steel (can also be 316 l stainless steel, but need to customize) and food-grade plastic production, clean and beautiful, accord with food hygiene requirements;

Ø machine controlled by machine, electricity, gas integration, have automatic into the bottle, positioning function, simple operation, convenient maintenance, and a lack of bottle filling, feed liquid level automatic control functions, high degree of automation;

Ø use Germany's Siemens product, touch screen and PLC main pneumatic components and the cylinder are using Taiwan AIRTAC products, the main electric elements adopt Japan omron, Siemens of Germany and other international famous brand products, stable and reliable in performance.(electric and gas components can also be selected from other brands, but non-standard customization is required)

Ø native built-in hopper, according to material features added functions;

Head a drip-proof device,

Ø filling not dripping;

Ø filling and quantitative institutions articulated rapidly, simple and easy to unpick and wash, cleaning the residual water discharged completely, without health dead Angle;

Ø adjust the filling quantity and only changing parameters in the touch screen, easy to operate;

Ø need replacement parts, with a little tweaking can be suitable for different specifications, shape, bottle filling, strong adaptability;

Ø model this conventional filling amount to 30-100 ml, 100-500 ml, 250-1000 ml, 500-2500 ml of four specifications, can also be non-standard custom other specifications.The machine can also be customized according to customer requirements to add other functions.Automatic liquid Filling Machine

Filling head 

Piston cylinder

Piston cylinder

Touch screen and PLC control

Touch screen and PLC control

no bottle no filling function


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