disinfection liquid filling machine

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Product Details

The disinfection liquid filling machine is more simplified and convenient for the operation, precision adjustment, filling volume adjustment, equipment cleaning, maintenance of the products etc

Technical parameter



Filling speed

15-30 bottles/min



Filling range


Package size



About 60kg

Performance and feature

1. This disinfection liquid filling machine adopts pneumatic components to replace electrical control circuit, so it is quite suitable for the use in the request of anti-explosion environment

2. This disinfection liquid filling machine is based on the original series of filling machine, through the introduction of advanced filling machine technology at home and abroad, and make a series of transformation and innovation, Thereafter its structure is more simple and reasonable, with a higher accuracy in filling.

3. It is the best equipment to fill disinfection liquid. According to GMP,the parts which connect with material are all made of 304 stainless steel.


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