Liquid Filling Machine Automatic

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Product Details

Liquid Filling Machine Automatic is made according to GMP standard, each pipe is connected by quick installation, disassembly and cleaning is convenient, the parts contacting with materials and exposed parts are made of high quality stainless steel.Machine safety, environmental protection, safety, beauty, can adapt to different working environment.

Our machine is for Filling of all types of liquid foods and pharmaceutical /chemical liquids. The machine is suitable for filling of glass/PET/PP bottles and Jars used in packing of foods and also variety of container used in cosmetics filling.


Technical parameter 

Speed(8 nozzles)


Container Size



≤ ± 0.5%

Power Supply

220, 50(V ,  Hz)



Air Pressure

 Air consumption






Special needs upon  your request

Performance and features

1. The contact material part is 304L stainless steel and ptfe material, acid resistance, corrosion resistance, can be customized according to the nature of the material special material.

2. The liquid filling machine automatic is especially suitable for the quantitative filling of water agent, edible oil and lubricating oil. 

3. It is adopts programmable logic controller (PLC), high-speed industrial control configuration software for real-time monitoring control, easy to use and adjust.

4.Filling volume is easy to be adjusted, suitable for different size bottle

Suitable for any shape plastic bottle, glass bottle and metal tin etc.

Automatic liquid Filling Machine

Filling head 

Piston cylinder

Piston cylinder

Touch screen and PLC control

Touch screen and PLC control

no bottle no filling function


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