Glass Bottle Filling Machine

Product Details


1. Machine induction

Glass Bottle Filling Machine are most commonly applicable for pharmaceutics, daily chemicals, foodstuffs, cosmetics, pesticides and other industrials.

Typical application: Use for filling liquid and paste material, such as mineral water, cooking oils, juice, detergent, sauce, salad, butter & margarine, ketchup, jams, cream, honey, shampoos etc.

Suitable for various packing such as bottle, jar, can, cup, bag, barrels,etc.





SUS304 Stainless steel

No. of filling nozzle

1 nozzle

Filling volume


Filling speed

40-60 bottles/min

Filling accuracy


Air supply

0.2-0.6Mpa by air compressor

Machine performance

· Glass Bottle Filling Machine is a new product which is reformed and innovated technically. Its structure is more simple and reasonable, the operation is more simple.

· Glass Bottle Filling Machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, daily chemical, food, pesticide and special industries, it is the ideal equipment for filling high viscosity fluid and paste

· The material of Glass Bottle Filling Machine which contact food are made of 304 stainless steel, in line with GMP requirements.

· Glass Bottle Filling Machine has filling handle, filling speed can be adjusted arbitrarily, filling precision is high.

· The filling head of Glass Bottle Filling Machine adopts anti - drip, anti - wiredrawing and lifting filling device. This series of filling machine can be divided into single head, double head and explosion-proof type.


Q: Will the accessories change frequently with machine?

A: The service life of the accessories is related to the daily maintenance. When ordering, we will give you free wearing parts and provide you with daily maintenance strategies.

Q: During the use of the machine, how to get after-sale service?

A: We have professional foreign installation and commissioning engineers, which have many years of experience in foreign debugging with deeply recognized by customers. We will provide on-site installation and commissioning services for foreign customers, and we will guide your workers directly.

Q: When the machine arrives at the work site, is it easy to install? How to solve the problem of quick installation and use?

A: All machine model with installation video, to show the installation process more intuitively, and we will provide remote video technical support to solve your doubts and ensure that your installation is correct.


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