Liquid Horizontal Filling Machine

Liquid Horizontal Filling Machine

Product Details

This  liquid horizontal filling machine with full pneumatic control, explosion-proof function, simple operation, 304 stainless steel appearance, It is the ideal equipment for liquid products and sauce filling, Also it is easy to disassemble and clean, automatic and manual.

Technical parameter

VoltageAC220V 50HZ
Air pressure0.4-0.6MPA
Filling speed15-30Bottle/Min
Filling Accuracy≤±1%
Filling range10-100ml 30-300ml 50-500ml 100-1000ml 500-3000ml 1000-5000ml

Performance and features

1. The liquid horizontal filling machine shall be installed according to the "installation diagram" after unpacking and connected to the compressed air air source. If the air source pressure is 0.6mpa, the valve shall be installed first in the compressed air main pipe.

2. Open the right door and unscrew the oil mark of the oil mist applicator to add clean special oil or sewing machine oil.

3. Check the air inlet source for air leakage on each sealing surface, adjust the air pressure to 0.3~ 0.4mpa to adjust the oil intake, spray a drop of oil after several times of general operation, and check the oil injection regularly.

4. Filling quantity adjustment: first rotate the hand wheel to adjust the filling quantity, observe the scale of the indicator window to achieve the required filling quantity, adjust the speed of suction and discharge at the same time to achieve the satisfactory filling effect, measure the filling quantity by the quantity standard, and finally correct the filling quantity.

5. The main power of the liquid horizontal filling machine is air source, the customer needs to be equipped with air compressor.


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