Paste Bottle Liquid Filling Machine

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Product Details

This paste bottle liquid filling machine adopts plunger pump filling, Equiped with PLC and touch screen, easy to operate. Main pneumatic parts and the electronics are famous brand from Japan or German. The body and the parts contacting with product is stainless steel, clean and sanitary comply with GMP standard. The filling volume and speed can be adjusted easily, and filling nozzles could be changed according to actual needs. This filling line can be used to fill various liquid products of medicines, foods, drinks, chemicals, detergents, pesticide, etc. e.x. shampoo, detergent, lotion, juice, wine, vinegar, etc.


Technical parameter

Filling speed20-35 bottles/min
Filling precision±0.5%
Filling nozzles4, 6, 8, 10, 12 nozzles
Filling volume10-10000ml
Materialstainless steel
Operation methodPLC touch screen control
Air supply0.2-0.7Mpa

Filling nozzle


PLC touch screen control panel


Shampoo lotion filling machine


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