Shampoo filling machine automatic

This shampoo filling machine automatic is mainly used to fill paste,cream or viscous liquid. It has a cylinder and a piston to draw and fill paste, a one-way valve to control the flow direction of the paste, a set of magnetic switch to control the filling volume.
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Product Details

By adjusting the position of the pump, a variety of bottles can be filled quickly and accurately in one filling machine. The shampoo filling machine automatic can fill round, round, flat, square and other shapes of bottles. Suitable for glass bottles and plastic bottles. The filling volume can be adjusted. By adjusting the piston pump, the filling volume can be changed between 100-5000ml.


Technical parameter

Filling head

2,4,6,8, 10, 12, 16 filling heads

Filling volume


Filling speed


Power supply

380V 50/60HZ

Power supply


Air pressure


Performance and features of shampoo filling machine automatic

1. Shampoo filling machine automatic is Simple, reasonably constructed,easy to understand and operate.

2. The whole machine is made of high-quality stainless steel. 304 / 316L stainless steel material is used to contact this material to meet GMP hygiene requirements.

3. According to customer needs, 4 heads, 6 heads, 8 heads and 12 heads are customized.

4. The machine is widely used in the food, chemical, medical, cosmetic, and agrochemical industries. It is suitable for filling liquids, especially high-viscosity materials and foamed liquids, such as oil, soy sauce, tomato sauce, honey, shampoo, emulsion lubricant oil, etc. .

filling nozzles

Filling nozzles

Adopt SS316L filling nozzle Adopt anti-drip irrigation nozzle to ensure that there is no wire drawing or dripping phenomenon during the filling process.


Using piston pump/servo

Suitable for viscous liquids, piston/servo dosage adjustment is convenient and quick, just set the volume directly on the touch screen

PLC control

PLC control

This filling machines is a high-tech filling equipment controlled by a microcomputer programmable, with photoconductive and pneumatic functions.

filling production line machine


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