Shampoo Paste Filler Machine

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Product Details

The shampoo paste filler machine is widely used in paste, cream, liquid products,etc. There are two operating modes, automatic or semi automatic. It is with high quality, strong stability, high precision, easy operation features.


Technical parameter

Filling volume

Filling speed

Air supply

Filling accuracy


0-45 bot/min




0-35 bot/min


0-30 bot/min


0-30 bot/min


0-25 bot/min


0-25 bot/min


0-25 bot/min

Features for shampoo paste filler machine

1. Shampoo paste filler machine is suitable for liquid, cream, paste products and widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, daily chemical care, food industries.

2. The machine can be auto or semi auto condition. When machine is under automatic condition, machine fills continuously automatically with set speed, when machine is under manual condition, operator steps on footplate to realize filling. If stepping on footboard all the time, it will change to automatic continous filling condition. Cylinder and three-way part adopt cuff connection which is easy to remove. 

3. The filling speed and filling volume are adjustable according to your request. The filling accuracy is very high and it is no dropping.

4. It can connect the production line, such as capping machine, packing machine, shrinking machine, labeling machine.

5. The shampoo paste filler machine is easy to operate and takes up less place. 



Control panel

electric control panel

Filling nozzle

single filling nozzle

Filling volume adjustment

filling volume adjustment

Foot pedal

foot padel


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