Piston Liquid Filling Machine

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Product Details

The piston liquid filling machine uses the air cylinder to control drive, has the high filling precision convenient installation and debugging. The cleaning and maintenance is simple. Material contacted parts  adopt stainless steel SUS316L, stainless steel frame, with neat and clean, beautiful appearance generous, etc. 


Technical parameter for piston liquid filling machine


2, 4, 6, 8, 10,  12 nozzle

Operation method

PLC touch screen control  ( SIEMENS   )


SUS304 Stainless steel

Filling volume

100-1000ml(can be customized)

Filling speed

20-35 bottles/min

Filling accuracy


Air supply



120V, 60Hz


CE, ISO9001


1 Year




Features for piston liquid filling machine

1. Piston Liquid Filling Machine has Servo motor control Double screw rod and filling heads lifting and dive , ensure machine running stable.

2. Piston Liquid Filling Machine has Piston pump cylinder control filling, ensure filling accuracy

3. Anti-drop filling head. Can filling high vicosity material.

4. Can connect with capping machine, labeling machine combine to a production line

5. It is used for quantitative dispensing of pharmaceutical liquids, refreshing drinks, cosmetics, etc. The whole is made of high quality stainless steel, and the shape is novel and beautiful. And the quantitative is correct, the dispensing error is small, and the adjustment is simple. it is the most ideal small-sized equipment for small-large dose liquid quantitative dispensing in pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, beverage factories, scientific research experiments,daily chemical plants,  etc.

Filling system


PLC touch screen panel

PLC touch screen control

Liquid soap filling machine


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