Pneumatic Paste Filling Equipment

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Pneumatic paste filling equipment is suitable for filling liquid, cream, paste, lotion, shampoo products etc. This pneumatic paste filling equipment can be manual and automatic filling operation. When the machine is under manual situation, please touch the foot pedal.When the machine is under automatic situation, it is no need to touch foot pedal.


Technical parameter of pneumatical vertical filling machine

Filling volume

Filling speed

Air supply

Filling accuracy


0-45 bot/min




0-35 bot/min


0-30 bot/min


0-30 bot/min


0-25 bot/min


0-25 bot/min


0-25 bot/min


The features of pneumatic paste filling equipment

1. The pneumatical paste filling equipment is with unique machine design, simple structure, working conditions at any time any of change, the whole for the whole stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, strong adaptability is more variety and more standard, low volume production the best choice models, no drip. It is widely used in pesticides, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, oil,

beverages, soy sauce, cooking oil products etc.

Control panel, adjust the discharge, feeding, auto or manual operation.

electric control panel

Connect with a hose, automatic suction, suitable for materials that have fluidity.

connect the pipe

Hopper, made of stainless steel, if the material is with high viscosity, use the hopper.


Filling nozzle, made of stainless steel, filling head adopts anti-leakage device, tight sealing.

filling nozzle

Filling voulme adjust: djust the hand wheel to set the filling volume you need.

filling volume adjustment


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