Washing Powder Filling Machine

Product Details

This type filling machine can do dosing and filling functions.  It suits most kinds of powder and small granular materials filling, such as washing powder, white sugar, spice powder, milk powder, wheat powder, starch powder, salt, solid drink, dextrose, coffee powder, fodder, pharmaceuticals, agriculture pesticide, granular additive, dyestuff, and others.

Technical parameter

Filling capacity 1g-1kg,1kg-5kg(can be customized)
Filling speed15-40 BPM
Filling accuracy±1%(different volume and material,accuracy will be little different)
Feeder (Optional)150L(different material volume is different)
Filling methodScrew metering

Performance and features of washing powder filling machine

1. The washing powder filling machine made of stainless steel conforming to the GMP and food health authentication.

2. Hopper of washing powder filling machine with Level sensor to control the feeding machine work automatically.

3. The filling motor speed of washing powder filling machine can be adjustable, to meet the requirements of various materials.

4. Speed reducer: low noise, long life and lifelong maintenance.

5. With mechanical, electrical, optical, instrument in whole one, single-chip control, with functions of automatic quantitative, automatic filling, automatic adjustment of measurement errors and so on.

6. The error caused by the change of material proportion and material level can be tracked and corrected automatically.

auger measuring machine

Auger measuring machine

Servo auger filler metering struture enable accurate measuring.

auger feeder

Auger feeder

304/316L auger feeder for power filling efficiency and less noise.


This machine is equipped with a screw lifter and Augur filler, which is widely used for packaging powders, such as washing powder, milk powder, flour, spices, cocoa powder, coffee powder, etc.


application bags


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