Quantitative Filling Machine

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Introduction of quantitative filling machine

1. The quantitative filling machine can be modified according to the customer's requirements, and it can be redone, such as multi-heads, explosion-proof type, overflow filling system.

2. The quantitative filling machine works on the three-way principle to adjust the filling quantity that a cylinder drives a pistion and a rolling valve to draw out and output the fluid,and then the magnetic switch controls the journey of the pistion.

3. Accurate quantification, no leakage

Technical specification of quantitative filling machine

Filling volumeFilling speedAir supplyDimensionWeightFilling accuracy
5-60ml0-45 bot/min0.2-0.6mpa86*29*30CM31KG±0.5%
10-120ml0-35 bot/min86*30*30CM32KG
25-250ml0-30 bot/min89*33*32CM33KG
50-500ml0-30 bot/min92*34*32CM35KG
100-1000ml0-25 bot/min94*35*38CM42KG
500-2500ml0-25 bot/min94*35*38CM42KG
1000-5000ml0-25 bot/min94*35*38CM42KG

Features of quantitative filling machine

1.This quantitative filling machine can be manual and automatic filling operation.When the machine is under manual situation, please touch the foot pedal . When the machine is under automatic situation, it is no need to touch foot pedal.

2.The quantitative filling machine is suitable for liquid,cream,paste, lotion, shampoo products ,etc.

3.The quantiative filling machine is with rotary valve, if your product is shampoo, lotion or honey, you can connect the machine with wired hose to suck the material. If your product is with high viscosity, it is better to connect the machine with hopper to fill.

4. Quantitative filling machine is with mixing, heating functions and made of  high quality stainless steel.

5. Easy to clean, disassemble. It is with stable and durable features.

6.Easy to operate, high quality, good performance, long service life.

Video of quantitative filling machine  


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