Pneumatic Sauce Filling Machine

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The description of pneumatical sauce filling machine

Pneumatic sauce filling machine is suitable for liquid,cream,paste, lotion, shampoo products ,etc. It is with rotary valve, if your product is shampoo, lotion or honey, you can connect the machine with wired hose to suck the material. If your product is with high viscosity, it is better to connect the machine with hopper to fill.

Technical parameter

Filling volumeFilling speedAir supplyDimensionWeightFilling accuracy
5-60ml0-45 bot/min0.2-0.6mpa86*29*30CM31KG±0.5%
10-120ml0-35 bot/min86*30*30CM32KG
25-250ml0-30 bot/min89*33*32CM33KG
50-500ml0-30 bot/min92*34*32CM35KG
100-1000ml0-25 bot/min94*35*38CM42KG
500-2500ml0-25 bot/min94*35*38CM42KG
1000-5000ml0-25 bot/min94*35*38CM42KG

The features of pneumatical sauce filling machine

1 The pneumatical sauce filling machine is with unique machine design, simple structure, working conditions at any time any of change, the whole for the whole stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, strong adaptability is more variety and more standard, low volume production the best choice models, no drip. It is widely used in pesticides, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, oil,beverages, soy sauce, cooking oil products etc.

2.Hight Quality pneumatic sauce filling machine manufactured by our company is based on reference of foreign similar products and then redesigned accordingly, with partial additional functions on it. It makes the filling machine much more simplifies and convenient in the aspect of operation, accuracy error, adjustment, equipment clearance and maintenance.

3.Top hopper makes the machine good at filling some stick products,like paste and cream.and the pneumatic drive is quite safe and easy to operate.

4.The Full Pneumatic Filling Machine has replaced the electricity control by pneumatic elements, so it is especially suitable for anti-explosion requirements.

Video of pneumatic sauce filling machine

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