Single Head Filling Machine

The single head filling machine is suitable for cream, lotion, detergent, paste, liquid products. It is made of stainless steel material and conforms to GMP standard. The filling speed and filling volume can be adjusted according to your requirements. It is easy to operate, clean, maintain.The filling volume can be chosen 5-60 ml, 10-120 ml,25-250 ml, 50-500 ml, 100-1000 ml, 250-2500 ml, 500-5000 ml.
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Product Details

The description of single head filling machine

 1. The filling volume is adjustable. For different viscosity materials, the suction rate can be adjusted to obtain a good self-priming effect.

2. The filling speed can be adjusted according to the proficiency of the operator.

3. High degree of automation: In the state of automatic lighting, the operator only needs to place the bottle under the filling nozzle and the machine automatically fills the bottle. After the filling is completed, the bottle is removed and another empty bottle is filled.

4. The height of the working platform below the filling head can be adjusted to suit different specifications of the bottle.

5. The connection part adopts the hoop design to facilitate maintenance and cleaning.

6. For products with low viscosity, it is not necessary to apply hoppers directly to the hoses for self-priming; for products with large viscosity and poor flowability, the product can be placed in the hopper and then filled.

7. It is suitable for cream, lotion, detergent, paste, liquid products. And the material is made of stainless steel that conforms to GMP standards.

Technical parameter


Detailed pictures

Filling nozzle: It is with anti-leaking features. filling volume and filling speed are adjustable.


Foot pedal: If it is under semi-automatic condition, it needs to touch the foot pedal.






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