Skin Care Cream Filling Machine

Product Details

Introduction of skin care cream filling machine

This skin care cream filling machine is one kind of piston filling machines. Skin care cream filling machine is driven by cylinder and only compressed air is needed to run the machine. This series of filling machines are designed specially for filling cream and sauce products such as cosmetic cream, honey, tomato sauce etc. There are several models of this kind filling machine basing on different volume. Different model has different filling range.Please select the best model below according to the volume of your bottle, jar or other containers.

Technical specification of skin care cream filling machine

ModelFilling volumeFilling speedAir supply
JT-55-60ml0-45 bot/min0.2-0.6mpa
JT-1010-120ml0-35 bot/min0.2-0.6mpa
JT-2525-250ml0-30 bot/min0.2-0.6mpa
JT-5050-500ml0-30 bot/min0.2-0.6mpa
JT-100100-1000ml0-25 bot/min0.2-0.6mpa
JT-250250-2500ml0-18 bot/min0.2-0.6mpa
JT-500500-5000ml0-12 bot/min0.2-0.6mpa

Performance of skin care cream filling machine

1. Control Interface - straightforward interface, foot-control switch.

2. Functional improvement - have anti-drip device under the material.

3. This filling machine is designed for handle from water-thin to high viscosity product, especially for viscid and foaming product in chemical, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industry.

Video of skin care cream filling machine


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