Toothpaste filling and sealing machine

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Product Details

This toothpaste filling and sealing machine is automatic type. Various paste, paste, viscosity fluid and other materials can be smoothly and accurately injected into the hose, and the hot air heating, tail sealing, batch numbering, production date, etc. in the pipe can be completed. It is suitable for the filling and sealing of large-diameter plastic pipes and composite pipes in industries such as medicine, food, cosmetics, and daily-use chemical products.

Technical parameter

Product capacity


Filling volume


Filling accuracy


Tube length


Tube diameter

10- 50mm

Working pressure


Compressed Air Consumption


Motor Power


Overall dimension


Machine weight


Performance and features

1, The toothpaste filling and sealing machine is compact in structure, automatic in pipe and transmission part.

2, The toothpaste filling and sealing machine is composed of 16 workstations. It can complete the whole process of feeding, marking, filling, sealing and coding to the ejection of finished products by fully automatic operating system.

3, The material contact part is made of SUS316L, which is clean, hygienic and fully in line with the GMP specification.

4, Filling volume of the toothpaste filling and sealing machine is adjustable, high precision rotary valve and bottom filling system prevent wire drawing.


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