Vegetable Oil Filling Machine

Vegetable Oil Filling Machine is widely used in Liquid, paste and other source, such as honey, syrup, butter, ketchup, cgili-sauce etc
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The introduction of vegetable oil filling machine

The vegetable oil filling machine is widely used for fill kinds of liquid and oil, such as, water, juice, wine, liquid soap, liquid cosmetic, hand sanitizer, etc. widely used in the chemical industry, food, cosmetic, medicine, alcohol, gel, disinfection,etc. 

This vegetable oil filling machine is driven by a cylinder and piston made from materials with FIVE-way valves control the flow of materials, and magnetic reed switch control cylinder itinerary can be regulated filling volume.

The technical specification of vegetable oil filling machine

Filling volumeFilling speedAir supplyDimensionWeightFilling accuracy
5-60ml0-45 bot/min0.2-0.6mpa86*29*30CM31KG±0.5%
10-120ml0-35 bot/min86*30*30CM32KG
25-250ml0-30 bot/min89*33*32CM33KG
50-500ml0-30 bot/min92*34*32CM35KG
100-1000ml0-25 bot/min94*35*38CM42KG
500-2500ml0-25 bot/min94*35*38CM42KG
1000-5000ml0-25 bot/min94*35*38CM42KG

The characteristic of vegetable oil filling machine

 1.Reasonable design, compact shape, simple operation, partly adopt the high quality pneumatic components. 

 2. The contact part with the material is all made of 304 or 316 stainless steel, meet the  Food grade. 

 3. Filling volume, filling speed can be adjustable, filling accuracy is high. 

 4. Adopt the anti-drip, Anti-drawing and lifting filling device.

The video of vegetable oil filling machine


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