Automatic liquid oil filling machine

Automatic negative pressure filling machine adopts programming control PLC man-machine interface technology, equipped with Korea imported photoelectric tracking switch, suitable for cream, oil, syrup, shampoo, sauce, juice and other industries produced paste products filling, filling mouth...
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Liquid/Cream/Oil Filling Machine/manual liquid filling machine  filling machineis suitable for bottling/filling vegetable oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil, rap oil and so on cooking oil into bottles or containers.

Main Technical Parameter  of Automatic liquid oil filling machine:
1. Capacity: 8000-10000 bottles/hr.(500ML high viscosity as medium)
2. Applicable Range: Φ(40-100)*(80-230)mm  Round Bottle
(40-100) * (40-100) * (80-230) mm  Flat / Square Bottle
3. Filling Range:50ml-1000ml
4.Filling head: 4-50
5. Precision:±0.5%
6. Air Pressure:0.6~0.8 MPa
7. Power Source:~380V、50Hz
8. Power:2.5KW
9. External Dimension:2440×1150×2300mm
10. Weight:About 1700Kg

Video of Automatic liquid oil filling machine

Feature of  Automatic liquid oil filling machine

•NO.1 the whole machine is made of food grade 304 stainless steel, neat, beautiful and generous.

• NO.2 when filling, seal the bottle mouth and the liquid flows down the bottle wall, effectively control the foam caused by the impact of the liquid during filling and prevent the overflow of the liquid.

• NO.3 applicable to a wide range of bottle height, filling volume can be adjusted in 5-8000 ml.

Automatic liquid Filling Machine

Filling head 

Piston cylinder

Piston cylinder

Touch screen and PLC control

Touch screen and PLC control

no bottle no filling function


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