Advantages of vacuum emulsifier in pharmaceutical production

- Jan 18, 2021-

Vacuum emulsifiers are widely used in the mixing process of the pharmaceutical industry, such as ointments, preparations, gels, suspensions, etc. Why use vacuum emulsifier to produce these products? What are the advantages of vacuum emulsifier equipment in pharmaceutical production?

1. The emulsification tank adopts a fully enclosed vacuum system, which allows the materials to be stirred, homogenized, emulsified, heated and dispersed in a vacuum environment, reducing the contact of the materials with the outside air, and meeting the requirements of hygiene and sterility;

2. Concentric double-shaft structure, agitator and high-shear emulsifier can operate independently, with good emulsification effect;

3. For high-viscosity materials such as creams, a wall scraper is installed on the mixer;

4. Hydraulic lifting, emulsification kettle can be turned over, convenient for discharging, maintenance and cleaning;

5. It complies with GMP regulations, and can be configured with CIP and SIP systems.