Attention for installation and debugging of emulsifier equipment

- Mar 19, 2021-

Attention for installation and debugging of emulsifier equipment :

1. Switch on the power supply, the power supply is consistent, and pay attention to the ground wire is reliably grounded. Turn on the switch of the main power supply, and the power indicator is on.

(motor wiring or long time do not need to start again should be moved to try to turn, mixing box to see from the top down to reverse.

When debugging, the homogenizer should be run when it is confirmed to be correct.

2. Correctly connect the pipes of the homogenizing pot (including the overflow outlet, discharge outlet and sewage outlet, etc.).

3, before the vacuum work must check whether the pot is flat with the pot cover, the pot mouth, material mouth cover, etc. Whether the cover is strict, sealing is reliable.

Close the valve interface on the pot cover, and then open the vacuum valve on the pot cover, and then open the vacuum pump to pump the vacuum. After meeting the requirements, close the vacuum pump and the vacuum valve at the same time.

(See the operation process flow chart for details. 4. Homogeneous cutting and scraper mixing: after feeding (water can be used for debugging), open the corresponding control switches respectively to control the operation of the homogenizer and the operation of the scraper mixing.

Stirring should also be moved before starting, check whether there is abnormal stirring wall scraping, if there should be immediately ruled out.

5. The vacuum pump can be started under the condition of the homogenizing pot seal.

If there is a special need to open the air to start the pump, the operation can not be more than 3 minutes.

6. The vacuum pump is strictly prohibited to operate without working liquid.

It is forbidden to block the exhaust port when the pump is running.

7. Regularly check the lubricating oil and grease in all parts and bearings, and timely replace clean lubricating oil and grease.

Keep the homogenizer clean.

The contact part of the homogenizer with the working liquid should be cleaned every time to stop using or replacing the material, especially the cutting wheel cutting sleeve of its head, the sliding bearing and the shaft sleeve in the homogenizing sleeve.

After cleaning and reassembling, there should be no jamming phenomenon in the hand-rotating impeller. After the two flanges of the pot body and the pot cover are relatively fixed, the motor of the point-moving homogenizer turns correctly and there is no other abnormality before it can start running.

9. Cleaning of all pans shall be handled by the user according to the standards.