Automatic round bottles labeling machine

- Feb 26, 2021-

The automatic round bottles labeling machine is suitable for round bottle labeling in daily cosmetics, beverages, medicine and other industries. The machine adopts the original pneumatic roller structure with high precision of labeling. It is especially suitable for round labeling of large round bottles. It has high repeatability, no bubbles, special design, no need for bottle separation mechanism, which makes the system simpler and more efficient. Due to the high power servo motor, the label is more suitable. The scope has completely solved the problem of insufficient torque of the universal labeling machine. This automatic round bottles labeling machine is especially suitable for high-demand all-week stickers. It adopts three-roll automatic positioning method, which can greatly reduce the labeling error caused by unknown factors such as the prototype shape of the product. One label or two labels can be selected for one labeling, which can realize the simultaneous labeling of wine bottles, etc. Advanced and friendly human-machine interface system, online help information, real human-computer interaction, easy to learn and easy to learn, workers can operate with a little training.

automatic round bottles labeling machine