Components of vacuum emulsifier

- Aug 24, 2020-

The vacuum homogenizing emulsifier is composed of a slow mixing system, a fast homogenizing mixing system, a heating and cooling system, an upper cover lifting system, a feeding and discharging system, and a safety control system. At present, the automation level of emulsification equipment on the market is getting higher and higher.

Plus meet new production standards in the fields of cosmetics, food and pharmaceuticals

Vacuum homogenizing emulsifier is widely used in the production process of milk which needs to be stirred, homogenized, crushed, suspended and dissolved, so it has an irreplaceable position in the production of cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical industries. As a high-precision equipment, the vacuum homogenizing emulsifier is also indispensable for maintenance and maintenance. The simplest and necessary step is to do the cooling of the equipment. The cooling water of the mechanical seal must be connected before the equipment is operated. Shut down first

Then cut off the cooling water, and in addition, ensure that it does not run under the condition of material interruption to avoid idling that will cause the mechanical seal to burn out due to high temperature or affect the service life. The domestic vacuum homogenizing emulsifier can already be comparable to the world's advanced level, and it also has a competitive advantage in the domestic market. With the continuous development of domestic industrial production, the scope of use of vacuum emulsifying pot will be further expanded.

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