Configuration and installation of dispersing disc of high-speed dispersing machine(1)

- Feb 12, 2021-

In our actual production, the feeding height and the insertion depth of the impeller can be adjusted appropriately according to the viscosity of the paint slurry and the speed of the dispersion shaft. When the impeller rotates at a high speed, the paint slurry will form a deep vortex. It is necessary to prevent the material from overflowing from the edge of the mixing tank. The emulsifier manufacturer will tell you the configuration and installation of the dispersing disc of the high-speed dispersing machine.

   There is a reasonable ratio between the diameter of the impeller and the diameter of the mixing tank, and the purpose is to make the material circulate well. Even with the same high peripheral speed, generally speaking, the effect of a small impeller is worse than that of a large impeller. But the power consumed by the large impeller is much larger than that of the small impeller, because the stirring power is proportional to the fifth power of the impeller diameter and the cube of the speed. In order to make the circulation good, the stirring tank generally does not have baffles and no dead corners, so a dish-shaped bottom is better.