Cosmetics intelligence : VR, 3D, robot all used

- May 14, 2020-

                                          Cosmetics "intelligence" : VR, 3D, robot all used

      Smart wearable makeup devices connected with mobile phones, cosmetics and skin care products that can be drunk, new cosmetics materials...On May 18, the 21st China beauty expo kicked off in Shanghai new international expo center, with more than 2,000 domestic and foreign cosmetics companies showcasing a variety of "cross-border" products to the outside world.


        L 'oreal group on the same day announced that its first "paper networking" wearable device - libuquan UV sensor stickers officially launched in China.The uv sensor sticker looks like a sticker with a thickness of 50 microns. It can be attached to any part of the skin. Through intelligent linkage with the user to download the mobile phone APP, it can accurately understand the current uv intensity and push the personalized sunscreen scheme based on the user's personal data.

       They are always looking at the development of new technologies and thinking about how to apply them to the cosmetics industry, for which l 'oreal has set up a technology incubator, said bo sfu, vice President of r & d and innovation at l 'oreal China.The uv sensor stickers are inspired by the way the human body detects the electrocardiogram, and are also the product of the technology incubator.Currently, they focus on technological innovation in three major areas, including AR, VR and other augmented reality technologies, diagnostics and 3D bio-printing technologies, as well as electronic devices and sensors.The company's "mirror of a thousand makeup" APP, which has been downloaded 6 million times in China using AR technology, is also studying how to use 3D bio-printing technology to reconstruct human skin.

       For traditional cosmetics, the emergence of smart products makes products more personalized.This time, cosmetics direct marketing brand nu skin exhibited a "skin care robot". It also obtained basic skin information through the APP on the phone, and provided targeted skin care products for users to use in the skin care robot.