Daily maintenance of cosmetic equipment filling machine

- Sep 15, 2020-

The cosmetic equipment body filling machine uses compressed air as power, and an automatic filling system is composed of precision pneumatic components. It has simple structure, sensitive and reliable action, and convenient adjustment. It is suitable for various liquid viscous fluids and other cosmetics and body filling. It is suitable for working in flammable and explosive environment and is an ideal filling equipment for the cosmetics industry.

The daily maintenance of cosmetic equipment body filling machine should pay attention to the following points:

Pay attention to the operating temperature of the body filling machine: the ideal temperature of the machine should be between -10 degrees and 50 degrees, and the relative humidity should not exceed 85%. When using, there should be no corrosive gas, dust or explosive gas in the surrounding air. The impurity filter of the paste filling machine: The impurity filter of the machine should be removed and washed frequently, and the body should be cleaned with the corresponding lotion product regularly. It should not be left unwashed for a long time, which will cause a lot of dirt and reduce the filling efficiency. .

Lubricating oil: After the paste filling machine has been working continuously for 2-3 months, the back cover should be opened to add lubricating oil to the sliding parts and switch bumps, and lubricating oil should be added to the connecting activities on the heating rod according to the situation. Avoid long-term drying and rusting of the body.

It is inevitable that there will be movement during use: we must pay attention to not tilting or tilting when carrying, and keeping the paste filling machine stable.

Safe operation: Paste filling machine is the same as all mechanical equipment, there will be certain dangers.

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