Daily operation guide for vacuum emulsification pot

- Dec 14, 2020-

Oil and water pot:

①Turn on the power; ②Filling in the oil-water pot; ③Close the lid of the oil-water pot; ④Heat and stir the oil-water pot; ⑤Open the discharge valve to discharge the material


①Turn on the power supply ②Cover the homogeneous pot lid; (preheating can be done first, the user can grasp it) ③Open the vacuum valve on the pot lid and close other valves, the vacuum pump will vacuum, after reaching a certain degree of vacuum, turn on the suction Valve suction ④ (close the suction valve) open the homogenization judgment for emulsification (the emulsification is complete, stop heating); ⑤ (close the vacuum valve and then turn off the vacuum pump) open the bottom valve to discharge, open the pressure valve at the same time, turn on the pressure pump Discharge; ⑥(cleaning and sewage).

vacuum emulsifier mixer pot with oil and water pots