Description for the bottle shrinking packing machine

- Jan 20, 2021-

Packing Flow: Feeding→ pushing bottles→ film covering and sealing→ shrinking→ cooling

1.Feeding: The bottles enter into conveyor trough of sealing machine, on the conveyor trough there are adjustable guardrail. The feeding will stop when the bottle arrived to the set position.

2.Pushing bottles: After the bottles arrived to the pushing platform, the pushing cylinder will work at the same time to push the bottles over the sealing-cutting line.

3.Cover film and sealing: After bottles pushed over the sealing-cutting line, the upper pressing device will press the bottles, this process will protect the bottles falling. After pushing cylinder return, the film sealing cylinder and film cutting cylinder will work together to finish the film covering and sealing process.

4.Shrink: After finishing the film covering the bottles will enter to the shrinking stove.

5.Cooling: After shrinking, the bottles will enter into the cooling device which installed on the end part, then enter into the stock shelf and waiting for stacking.