Explain the operation method and precautions of laboratory swing granulator machine in detail

- Mar 23, 2021-

Explain the operation method and precautions of laboratory swing granulator machine in detail

1. Preparation before starting the machine. Check the equipment status identification and equipment operation records of the swing granulator machine to confirm that the equipment is in a normal operating state. Check and confirm that the motor part is safe, reliable and well insulated.

2. Check whether the lubricating oil and engine oil in the rotating parts of the machine and the turbine box are above the oil line. If it is not above the oil line, notify the workshop equipment management personnel to refuel in time.

3. Check the cleanliness of the rollers, feeding hoppers and other parts of the equipment, and carry out necessary cleaning work.

4. Check that the screen size should meet the specified mesh number and process requirements, and the width is consistent with the body; install the screen, insert the screen that meets the requirements, and tighten the clamping tube left and right. Start up and run Connect the power supply, press the start button, and the device will run.

5. Start idling for about 20 seconds. If there is no abnormal sound from the equipment and the temperature of the bearing and reducer does not rise rapidly, confirm that the equipment is operating normally. Turn off the equipment after confirming that the equipment is normal, and place the turnover container or install the turnover bag. Turn on the machine again, add material to the hopper, and start granulating.

6. Keep feeding continuously. It is not advisable to add too much or too little. It is advisable to keep 2/3 of the volume of the feeding hopper. Pay attention to the particle size and the wear of the screen at any time. If the wear of the screen is found, stop the machine and replace it immediately. After the operation is completed, turn off the switch and power supply, take out the remaining materials, and clean all parts of the equipment and the periphery.

Precautions for operating laboratory swing granulator machine

1. If abnormal vibration or abnormal sound is found during use, stop the machine immediately for inspection and troubleshooting.

2. The material should be added gradually, and it is strictly forbidden to fill it up at one time to avoid damage to the screen due to excessive pressure.

3. If you need to shovel and insert the material on the wall of the hopper during operation, you should use the appliance after stopping, and do not use your hands to avoid accidents;

4. If the material is stuck in the drum during operation, the machine must be stopped and shoveled out with a tool. It is strictly forbidden to reach into the drum. The roller should be pulled out gently when disassembling, and don't knock it hard, so as not to damage the parts and cause concentric deformation of the two shafts.

5. It is strictly forbidden to wash electrical equipment with water, and protect electrical equipment from damp when scrubbing the equipment.

6. If the equipment is not used for a long time, all the equipment must be wiped and cleaned, and the smooth surface of the machine parts shall be coated with anti-rust oil and covered with a tarp.

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