Face cream is not smooth, appearance has grain feeling, how to improve?(1)

- Sep 25, 2020-

The following picture shows the sample of face cream. Why is the cream not smooth and granular in appearance? How can it be improved?
The following two aspects from the process formula and cosmetics production equipment to share a few Suggestions on how to improve.


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I. Improvement of process formula

1.It is recommended to control the emulsifying temperature of the emulsifying machine

2. it is recommended to replace the thickener, such as 940.
In addition, it is necessary to neutralize the thickener by adding the same neutralizing agent as U20, such as TEA. The neutralizing precursor is first emulsified uniformly, and the precursor is then added with neutralizing agent in the stirring process of the emulsifier

3.It is recommended to replace the main emulsifier, such as MOTANOV 68 (2% recommended), A165(1% recommended), 16/18 alcohol (1% recommended).

4.It is recommended to reduce U20 to 0.2% and add EDTA to 0.02%

5. if there are particles may be U20 without stirring, it is recommended to swell U20 water evenly, the best bubble when slightly heated, add in stir a little faster, stir a little longer

6.Proposed kapo can be pre-dispersed by emulsifier pretreatment tank, such as emulsified before adding homogenization

7. suggested to add high polar liquid oil